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Optional Extras

U.L. Listed Dual Nose Key Lock
Dual control safe deposit lock requires two different keys to open safe.

U.L. High Security Key Lock
European style nine-lever changeable key lock offers exceptional security features for use on inner locker or outer safe doors.
U.L. Listed Key Op Lock
European style seven-lever changeable key lock offers exceptional security features for use on inner locker or outer safe doors.
Key Locking Front Read Dial
Key is used to lock dial in a fixed position and affords dual custody control. Manager has the combination, collector has the key.
Both must be present to unlock the safe.
Spyproof Dial
Restricts unauthorized viewing while dialing combination. Also available with key locking feature.
Modular Alarm System
Detects vibration, heat and door openings. Heat indicator activates alarm when torch attack occurs. Internal magnetic door contact detects door opening. Internal vibration sensor activates alarm if safe is moved or during drill attack.
144 Hour Time Lock
Safes equipped with Time Locks offer the capability of locking the safe for a pre-selected period of time. Time periods range from one hour to 144 hours (6 full days).
Interior Drawers
All drawers are commercial quality, heavy steel construction. Available in letter, legal and document sizes. Each is furnished with handle and key lock. All drawer capacities are 150 lbs. and come with a heavy duty latch removable ball bearing suspension.
Interior Lockers
AMSEC offers a wide variety of standard interior locker compartments to fit your needs. Standard lockers are constructed of 10 gauge or 1/4" solid steel. Options include slotted doors, combination locks and high security key locks.
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Interior/Exterior Hopper
Available in three different package sizes ranging from 5-3/4"D x 3-1/2"W x 8-3/4"L to 7"D x 4-1/2"W x 10-3/4"L. Hoppers can be installed on the interior or exterior of plate, clad or composite safes.
Locking Bolt Detent
Keeps locking bolts retracted when door is in open position. Prevents damage to safe body and boltwork mechanism caused by accidental door closure with bolts extended.
Coin Racks
For organized storage of coins. Mounted on inside safe door. Available with four or six compartments.
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STAR® “C” Rate Slotted Round Door
with 3/8” x 3-1/2” slot.
SUPER BRUTE “B” and “CB” Rate Slotted Square Hinged Door with
3/8” x 4” slot.
MINI BRUTE “B” Rate Slotted Square Lift-Out Door with 3/8” x 4-1/2” slot.

Slotted Doors
Slotted doors are also available on freestanding plate safes, freestanding clad, composite chests, interior lockers and interior drawers.

Note: Safes with slotted doors are not
recommended for overnight storage.